Mentoring Services & Rates

Pinpoint Scoping Solutions now offers mentoring, proofing, and job referrals to the novice scopist.

Custom services include:

  • One-on-one mentoring with an experienced scopist to answer any questions you have regarding scoping or Eclipse software.  Services are offered on an hourly fee.
  • Proofing services for those jobs that need a second set of eyes.
  • Looking for customers?  We provide job referrals for scopists looking to build their client base.

Mentoring Rates

  • Mentoring on scoping and/or Eclipse software:  $50/hour
  • Proofing:  $.50/page
  • Job referral:  50% of first job (minimum $100)

Mentoring Rates Payment Terms:

ALL INVOICES WILL BE SENT VIA E-MAIL.  Full payment is due 15 days from date of invoice.  Please mail your remittance to:

Mary Ann O’Shea at Pinpoint Scoping Solutions
9505 Thoroughbred Lane, Colorado Springs, CO  80908